It turned out to be very smoothly. I planned to go with my coursemates- Jie Hoai and Jing Yin. Thanks for accompanying me. =)) And it was our first outing together. Right after lecture, we went to LRT station by KTAR bus. Jing Yin was hungry and i offered her my biscuits but she refused. Skinny girl like her on DIET!! LOLX. haha.

To surprise, LRT wasn't crowded. We chitchatted till we reached KLCC station. I told them to get the tickets asap cause we afraid that we had to squeeze with crowds to get the tickets. The earlier the better right? hehe. I told them i wanted to eat cake badly. So we headed to Avenue K and had our lunch in Secret Recipe. :) What else did i order none other than my favourite White Chocolate Macadamia and Oreo Cheese Cake? :b I had two pieces of cake in a day. I totally craved for them. Hmm. Yummy~~ Jing Yin had Garlic Mushroom Cheese while Jie Hoai had Singapore Laksa. While waiting for their food to arrive, we started our hobby- taking photographs. Teehee. Jie Hoai didnt like to take pictures. But on that day, she took pictures with us for our sake. Whee. Jing Yin and i were touched. :D

Secret Recipe. :)

She knew i was taking her photo. :b

My 'short' hair. :P

Jing Yin's

Jie Hoai's

Oreo Cheese Cake. It's mine. :b

Close up. :)

Mine. White Chocolate Macadamia.

Posing with my cakes. :)

Our bill. :)

After paying our bill, we walked around KLCC before heading to PC FAIR. We walked into the Isetan. Spotted cool jacket for my lil girl as i had promised her to get one because of her good results. But it was GREEN in colour! Yucks! No purple or black for her. Sorry. I promised you to get one when we come to KL for shopping in May ok? =)

We walked around and stepped into a few shops. We even took a few pictures of Jie Hoai wearing cap that were displayed in the shop. She looked cute in it. hehe.

Jie Hoai in purple billabong cap. :)

I even spotted Jaclyn Victor in Harrods. Then, we walked around till finally we decided to go to PC FAIR. Jie Hoai wanted to get printer. So we couldnt walk anymore once we bought printer cause the printer was rather heavy. We took pictures outside the KLCC garden. =)

the view outside Suria KLCC.

another shot.

Jing Yin and i.

Jie Hoai and i.

Three of us. =)

Another shot. :b

i took this.

Jing Yin took this.

Welcome to PC Fair 2009. :)

GOSH!! The place was so crowded. eww. We walked to the Apple booth. *drool* I love the purple ipod. :( Then, we walked to the next hall to look for Sony booth. I think you guys knew my purpose of going to the PC FAIR right? hehe. I spotted my favourite camera. Whee. I was in dilemma actually. Got no idea which to choose. I wanted a T700, T90 and T500 badly. I even asked for friends' opinion. While i was in dilemma, i told Jie Hoai to look for her printer. She spotted Canon and HP printers. She flipped through the pamphlets twice and finally walked to HP booth and bought her printer. I had this cute salesman serving us. He acted so funny. =D

Later i walked back to the Sony booth to check out my baby. I even asked the salesman to demonstrate the cameras' function to me. And after few considerations, i finally have decided to buy a camera. Whee. =))))))

While my new-born baby was in a process of packaging, i waited for it patiently. I received a lot of free gifts. But that particular salesman was trying to cheat me! He left out one of the free gifts which he had promised earlier. I made a fuss over it. I raised up my voice. He said he didnt say that. Wow. Trying to cheat me!!!??? No way! I told him that i didnt want to buy it anymore. He apologised to me after that and gave me that free gift. I hate people lying to me! And dont ever try to cheat me in this way. Or else you'll see me throw temper at you. I looked through all the things he gave and finally agreed to pay for my new-born baby.

I told him to put on the screen protector for my new baby. He did it clumsily. LOL. Too scared of me i guessed. He explained to me in a polite way regarding my new baby. And before we left he thanked us for buying. Whee. New baby is in my hand now!!

Poor Jie Hoai! She was holding her printer everywhere. That printer was very heavy. I couldnt even bear to carry that printer for certain period. We proceeded to the next hall. GOsh! The hall was packed. I couldnt even breathe at all. Almost wanted to faint already. Swt! I bought my girl a pendrive and headed to the other hall.

The crowd.

Again it's Jing Yin's work. haha

-------- > To be continued. Was waiting for pictures from Jing Yin. :) Will update further more on the next post. Thanks. =)


  1. now ppl can show off with her new baby..sweat..what's the name of the new-born baby? ahaks

  2. hm..i got no idea... any idea for the name??? suggestion please.. teeheeeeeee

  3. i name my baby schuyler..haha..read it this way...sky lerr

  4. congratz u got ur new baby.. haha~~
    enjoy ~ =P


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