Lab Of The Day.

I went to university all the way to go for lab! And the experiment only took me less than two hours- more precisely about one and a half hour. I managed to complete them in an hour but was waiting for the lab officer to give out his last briefing before we could finally being dismissed. That means the bus had left without me! =( And thank god i had hui jing. She fetched me back. Thanks a lot girl! =) You didn't have to drop me at the opposite of my condo. I could walk from Wangsa Maju station to my place actually. Anyway, thanks a million. I owed you. =)

Here's the pictures i took during the experiment. hehe. :P

This was the experiment about ballistic pendulum that were done by hui jing, robin and chris. :)

I took this as the proof. haha

Another shot. :P

Both Chris and Robin being the busy body. :P

I was the master of this experiment. lol. My fingers were freaking painful after I had done with it. =(

After this experiment, that's the end of my lab of this semester. I wondered whether I am able to get the same lab mates in the next coming semester. I enjoyed your companions guys. Thanks a lot. =)


  1. somehow i dont understand a single thing from ur photos..haha..

  2. budak kecik like u dont und anyway. lol

  3. oiii i bukan budak's just that i never learn and never see this before

  4. lol.. so ur budak kecik la.. no doubt about that.. hahaa


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