Great Gathering. :))))

I had great time today! My plan was to meet up with Meow in KLCC after my lecture. It was great to see her. We chit chatted a lot as usual. She was so desperate to eat cheese. So she asked me to have lunch with her at Kim Gary. I agreed. Therefore, we walked to Avenue K. But to my surprise, Kim Gary was no longer there ANYMORE!! So sad! :(

Then, I suggested to have sushi-s at Sushi King since Sushi King was having promotion at that time. When we reached there, it was too crowded. Too many people lining up outside the shop. So we changed plan again. hehe.

We walked over to Sakae Sushi and waited for waiter to serve us. All of the sudden, meow told me she doesnt eat sushi. Adui. In the end, we had our lunch in Nando's instead since she had a RM5 voucher with her plus a free soup. :D


Another view

Soup. I got no idea what soup is that. haha

Meow didnt want to look here. :b


Mine. :)

When we paid our bill, the voucher couldnt be used cause we ate not more than RM50. Swt! ZZz. After our lunch, both of us plan to watch a movie entitled 'He´s Just Not That Into You'.Funny movie though. hehe. And that was my first time watching movie with meow. :D We also took a photo of us in front of Quiksilver. :)))))

My dear meow and i. =D

I was craving for McD ice-cream. So both of us walked over to McD to buy. In the end, we ate nothing cause the machine was spoiled! GOd! How unlucky we were! We went to Burger King instead and ordered the caramel-flavoured ice-cream and Hershey's sundae pie.

Caramel-flavoured ice cream with Hershey's Sundae Pie

This is how the Sundae Pie looks like.

Hugo Boss' Perfume.

We hugged each other before we went our separate ways. Freaking happy and had fun with her. Thanks a lot girl. Hope to meet up with you again. Love ya. :))))))) Muaxx. :D


  1. hehe..the pie sounded delicious but i looked at it, it seems to be very no idea why i cant take in sweet food lately..aihs..=)

  2. lol.. ahaha.. the ice cream is sweeter. and the pie isnt taste that good after all. i tasted the dark choc in the pie. overall it is not ice cream. like a cream only. *sad* adui. good! u can diet after that. hehe

  3. "Caramel" makes me think of one of the horse in my cocuriculum,wahaha!!a horse named "caramel",and he is the shortest horse,wahaha

  4. lol..hahaha... what a good name for the horse huh? haahaha

  5. gai la u ~ keep eating hehe! sure have fun la hehe~ good good!!

  6. lol...i know fat d now... so i hv to keep fit.. hahaha.... going bek to tpg to continue eating... hahaha.... after this will b my finals d.. sad sad... :(

  7. live to eat, keke. it was really great to see ya again. don't be all too busy to eat to study when you're in taiping ;) all the best for your exams, gurl!

  8. thanks babe.... :) i miss u so much meow... take care ya... c u soon..we will eat banana split and roti pisang yea... hehee...muacksss... :D


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