That's the place where i am right now. Been in Taiping- my lovely town for the past few days. Spending time with my family is the best. Nothing could describe how i feel. :D

Definitely there is a lot of things for me to talk about. But i'm too lazy to describe further more. Too lazy to upload the photos and share with my readers over there. But i promise that i will update when i have the free time ok? Plus i dont have the mood cause i will be having finals soon.

Speaking about finals make me feel nervous and scared. And this means that's the end of my year 1 in UTAR. How time flies! Let us pray hard together and wish everyone 'All the best in finals!' Good luck guys!! Hope to meet up with you guys during semester break. :D

P/s: I won't be blogging so often till finals over. Sorry! Chaoz. :D


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