New Header.

I wish to change the header of my blog again. Do you think the headers below are nice?Sorry guys, my photo-editing skills arent that good. I just begin to learn how to edit my photos using Photoshop.

Header #1

Header #2

But hopefully you will give some comments about it. The highest vote will be put as header in my blog.Thanks. =)))))


  1. header #2..

    but u want header #1..=.="

    so does that mean i;m forced to choose header #1??


  2. nola of cos. i mentioned already. the highest vote will be put as the header ok? ish ish

  3. i prefer header#1 but... the font shd use lighter colour so that ur "everything about me" will stand out~ nice job fenq~

  4. ohh? really? then i shud change it.. hehe.. what colour should i put? hmm thanks for the comment jia. :)

  5. gahaa..never change yet oso..sweat


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