Feeling great today. Cause i had completed all my reports. =) I'm totally satisfied with it. =))) Having another quiz tomorrow. Adui. Too many quiz-es this semester. Too many to count. :P Hmm.

And I did very badly for my thermodynamics' coursework. Pretty upset. Gonna put a lot of efforts on FINALS! Too many things to cramp in my brain. And you see what am i doing now? Blogging! Duh! Sparing time to blog instead of studying. Zzzz. Frankly speaking, i dont know what should i do besides blogging already. Let me relax please. Always study and study. Sooner or later i will become bookworm already. Swt!

Almost everyday i have been studying the same thing. Let me tell you what do I actually study for this semester.

Heat And Mass Transfer
- conduction
- radiation
- convection
- heat exchangers
- internal flow and blah blah blah.

Introduction to Chemical Engineering
- degree of freedom
- extent of reaction
- multi and single phase systems
- energy balances
and the list goes on and on. =.="

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
- Raoult's Law / Modified Raoult's Law
- Thermodynamic Web
- Fugacity
- Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium
- Vapor-Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium
and etc etc.

- I think mostly all know what is it all about. I dont need to list down k? =b

Fluid Mechanics I
- Bernoulli Equations
- Turbomachimery
- Reynold's Number
- Mach Number and blah blah blah.

Mathematics for Engineering
- Future engineers only study this. haha.

Overall, all the subjects i'm studying now are related to each other. That's why i tend to get bored over them easily. Is there a way to make my studying subjects more interesting? Drop some comments please! Dying to know.

*16 more days to go before final* *cry*


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