Screwed Up.

I wished i can do well. But i didnt. Fine! It's over. Like my girl had mentioned, 'Let bygones be bygones.' Nothing much i can do to cure and maintain it back. I was freaking tired at times. Too tired to confront. But i tried to be patient and kept everything to myself. How i wished one day i could blurt everything out right onto the face and express all my emo feelings!

But i know i cant afford to. And i wont do it. For the past few months i had been a loner (in my heart). And thanks to my dearest bloggie. Seriously without 'you', i would end up in asylum. haha.

Life isn't that easy. Now i know i had suffered a lot for the past and present and i'm pretty sure that i will continue being like that for the rest of my life. My life is destined to be like THIS? MAYBE. =))))

By the way, it was April's Fool yesterday and i was fooled by a friend of mine. haha. Thank god i acted very cool. haha. :P And yesterday was my best sleep ever. I slept very early and woke up in the middle of the night to wash clothes. Zzzz.. I wanted to study but my housemate was sleeping in the living room. So, i dared not turn on the lights and afraid i might woke him up. Haih. And for your information, i'm a professional time-waster. :P

Gotta stop already. Waiting for something to surprise me later on. Chaoz. =)


  1. wow. professional time-waster?? Forgot to tell you that i am a professional entertainer...

  2. no way..u shall not keep everything to urself..even at times you cant find someone to confide in. u still have blog to express ur feelings...there's always a way k? besides I'll be there for u too...loner...that cant never occur in anyone's's up to you to find companion..accept them no matter how weird or annoying they that's not what i meant actually..the main point is accept for who they to the rest..when come to confronting ppl try not to show ur bad traits..make people feel easy around u...kay crap...might not make sense....

  3. kenji : oh? i didnt know that. thanks for letting me know about it. haha.

    b : uh. i know. but somehow i cant find way to express my feelings plus ur busy with your own stuffs and im busy with mine. haih. im accepting for who they are but do they accept me for who i am????? that's the prob. and i havent find the real solutions to confront ppl yet. hm...


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