I received my Maths midterm paper today. Overall it was not good. =( When i looked through the paper, i just realised how many silly mistakes i had made. Freaking surprising though. And one of my course mates got full marks for it. And she even got full marks for the coursework marks overall. She superb intelligent! Salute you girl! Congratulations anyway. =) Another maths genius after Yu Yuan. :b

And i'm happy that i didn't have to attend any lectures in the evening. Right after lecture (Good Bye DYNAMICS! - last lecture of the semester), we had our lunch at cafeteria. Sob sob. Nothing to eat at all. Instead i had nasi lemak. Haih. While waiting for the time to pass, we chitchatted and laughed a lot. I just realised that i got a lot of crazy and funny coursemates. :P I took a bus back at 2pm. :)

By the way, I'm totally pissed off yesterday. I waited for more than an hour for stupid Utar bus. And it didnt come in the end. F***!!! And thanks to my girl for spending half an hour talking with me on the phone at the bus stop. And the weather was freaking scary at that time. It rained suddenly, after a moment, it started to shine very brightly (super hot) and all of a sudden the lightning stroke. Finally, the rain stopped. What the .....???

In the end, i had to take cab. This cab driver was friendly. He spotted me at the bus stop for more than an hour alone doing nothing. He was actually driving around picking up passengers and saw me number of times still waiting. Zzzz. We chitchatted a lot. And he managed to drop me at university with reasonable cab fare. Hehe. Rm3.30 only. Good service! =)))))) The last trip i took cab, the cab fare cost me rm4. ZZzz. Freaking expensive! And the cab driver purposely drove slowly. You know lah. Wanna earn extra money from this poor student! *sad*

Tomorrow i will be having ICE quiz. *scared* haih. Plus i had to complete my lab reports and hand them up on this Thursday. And after this, i'm free from assignments for this semster!! woohoo~~~ But that means finals is coming very very soon. =((((( Good luck guys!!

Gotta go. Need to complete my reports and have them printed out later on. =) Chaoz..

*listening to Circus - Britney Spears*

P/s: Don't ask me why. I'm just addicted to Britney's songs recently. =))


  1. check check check!!
    no..do carefully when u do..open ur eyes wide..u may not have time to check those silly mistakes...
    and btw is many not much..=)

  2. ishhh...hahaha...i typed too fast without noticing it.. lol...thanks for correcting me.. =)

  3. oik..i jus realised that sentence! open my eyes widely!! lolx. ur trying to say that my eyes are small? isk isk.. :P

  4. haha..open your eyes..like what lmnt sang!! lolx..i dun mean dat..dun feel that way...oii...faster come back..nak pi mcd ni

  5. lol..hahaa... u asking to go back just to have mcd with u? hmmm.....i will be back soon. =)


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