Speaking of the title above, i have been the Nuffnangers for three months. Nothing much to talk about it anyway. Just I'm glad to be part of Nuffnang. :) Thanks for the latest updates. Appreciate it a lot. I will be the biggest fan of Nuffnang forever. =D

And talking about that, it's been three months i've been living in the world of my own. World with less problems (are you sure??). But practically I'm hiding them from the truth. It's the fact that i couldn't avoid at all.

After reading the 'Forgiveness', i had learnt a lot of things. Nothing much to be hated after all. All I have to do is forgive and forget. Completely get it out off my mind is the best way to reduce sufferings. However one must learn to withstand the obstacles. God made us to learn to face the challenges and making it through.

I still care for her no matter how. But I will never have the chance to do so. I'm freaking upset when it comes to problems like this. She don't even wanna share with me even though i will be there for her all the time. I'm willing to help her though she don't need me. Am i just a piece of shit??!!! Why do my existence make no one appreciate what I have done? What have I done wrong? Why would you just ignore me like that? What should I do to make you feel safe and secure? =(((((((( *cry*

And thanks to my spoilt lil brat (you know who you are), she managed to pull me through all these. Going through ups and downs with her is always the best thing of my life. Having her would be the greatest GIFT from God. Special thanks to God for creating her. :) You should know that i wouldn't want you to go somewhere far away from me. =) Sorry for being selfish! *tongue's out*

A friend of mine once said that being alone is always the best thing. I do agree with her sometimes but when you are alone, you tend to think a lot than usual. Day by day, you will end up in asylum. This friend of mine is said to be my listener for meantime in my university life. :) She is the best really! Love you so much!~ This proves time don't judge how our friendship is bonded.

Day by day, I begin to feel the extraordinary love my family gave to me. Mummy and daddy always been so supportive towards everything i have done. Thanks for the moral and financial support you guys gave. And thanks for listening to my advice sometimes. The feelings are so real and good especially all of us listen to each other's advice with open heart. And my parents are the best among all!! Superb great to have them though we tend to argue over small things. :( Sorry daddy and mummy! Whatever I want, my parents will give me and I couldn't repay them for what they have done for me - love, money and moral support. Seriously I love them a lot even though I don't show them. Thanks for making it through with me day and night. The girl you used to know has grown up totally! =)))

There are a few things that I'm regretting about and I wouldn't want to mention it here. Just to let you guys know that I'm terribly sorry for the things I have done. For those who had hurt me or I had been hurting you guys, thousand of apologies from the bottom of my heart. Again i will say that i will love you guys no matter what. You guys will always remain in my heart and mind forever and ever EVEN when i die. Zzzz. :)

P/s: Currently obsessed with Britney Spears - Shattered Glass. And sorry for my grammatical errors. The lousiest 'banana' of all. :(


  1. agaga...u called me spoilt brat??
    i call u the decadent chick..wakaka

  2. wah....how could u!! lol.... im sad. :( :P

  3. hello..me spoilt brat?
    adei fair and square ni

  4. haha... that word is so mean to me..:P


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