Bored to DEaTh.

I'm so bored!!! For the past few hours all i did was onlining, doing lab reports, chitchatting, sleeping and did some revision. Why would my life be so dull and boring???!!!! I need to breathe!! I need to do some window shopping!!! GOSh. Hate this feeling. =( This is what happen when you are a loner!!!!!


  1. since u mentioned that u chit-chatting the whole day, then make full use of the time to make new friends and get closer..with that they'll be your window shopping companions..=D

  2. opps.. that shouldnt be chitchatting though cos i dint actually. hahah

  3. A true loner enjoys being alone so she can pursue her own interests. To find your elements of interest look at some of the posts new and old on my blog


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