All On My Own. HeeHee.

I had planned to go to Jusco alone today. And guess what? I didn't in the end. Jing Yin agreed to accompany me when i asked her. :DDDDDDD Freaking happy to know about it. And this will be my first time going out with her. :D Both of us went right after our lecture. We had our quiz in the lecture and today's tutorial was cancelled. Zzz. Means all of us went to university early for nothing. Fuh!! But we took this opportunity to study for our quiz instead. =)

I bought a lot of things in Jusco. And the night before i was complaining to my daddy and baby that i wanted to eat McD badly. Daddy even asked me to buy and eat that night since i was craving for it. And fyi, my daddy never like to eat McD. He never encourage us to eat fast food especially McD. And you know what? When i reached there, I bought Big Apple donuts instead. ZZzz. I didnt crave for it anymore. Lolx. Perhaps by looking at the place wouldnt make me have the appetite to eat anymore? *wonder*

I bought chocolates, fruits (plums and apples), yoghurts, snacks (hehe), raisins, dried guava, banana cake (my favorite), swiss rolls and biscuits. haha. All the things had cost me rm70 over!! Say NO to JUSCO anymore please!! Gotta stop myself from buying many things or else i will be officially bankrupt! Lol. Jing Yin only bought a packet of yoghurt drinks and plums. And the whole trolley was full with my things!

Most of the things in the trolley were mine except for that box of shoes. :P

Five bags of stuffs were MINE! And Jing Yin suggested to me to go back by cab if i couldnt carry all the things and walked back to my condo. I told her that i could do it. hehe. And i managed to carry all the things back on my own. :) She took a picture of me before we went back as a proof. :P

Tired look of mine. I'm sweating. :(

She took a bus back to Genting Klang while i walked back to condo. At first i could really bear the heavy things till the weather started to get dark. It rained! Aihh... I quickly took out and umbrella and protect my things from getting wet.

This time my hands were freaking painful cause i had to carry all the things with one hand and the other hand of mine was holding an umbrella. What a tough journey i got! Finally i managed to reach my destination safely without getting wet cause the rain had stopped by the time i reached my condo. My hands were trembling like a leaf. Maybe this was because i hadnt train my hands for quite sometimes. hmm..

And i will take it as a part of exercise. :)))))) And i am freaking tired now. :(

My things. :)))

Big Apple Donuts. whee.

My ugly donuts. :(

Posing with one of my favourite donuts. hehe. Can you see my face is freaking red? *blushing*

Gotta go. Looking forward tonight. hehe. See you! Muackssss.... =)))))) :DDDD

P/s: I need a car very badly. Seriously i need one!!! :(((((( *waiting* Coming soon!!! :P


  1. haha. some other time. :) plus i went with my coursemate. thank god she accompanied me. :)

  2. i knew jing yin eh..wakakakaka

  3. cis..posing with doughnuts...they're mine~~ sobs...some how i never eat doughnuts for years!! how could u~

  4. i'll buy for u ok? dont worry... and ur beard papa as well. :)


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