End of Year1 Semester2

Regarding of the title above means that's the end of my freshmen year in UTAR. I was waiting eagerly to go back to hometown for study week. Plus it's been months i didnt go back to Taiping. Supposingly, i could actually go back to Taiping on the 17th of April which was on Friday cause my one-hour lecture was cancelled. But i couldnt make it cause i had class on Saturday. Swt! :( I had my luggage ready and put in my friend's car that morning. Thank god i had Sally, Kah Khey and Jing Yin going Pudu with me. Sally, Kah Khey and i took metro bus from uni to Pudu. And that was my first time taking bus to Pudu. Meanwhile Jing Yin had her tasks done before she came to join us in McD for our lunch. :) We finished our lecture early and hung out in McD for hours while waiting for the time to pass. =)

Here's a few shots i took. ------>

Pudu bus station

My bag. :D

Another shot of Pudu bus station.

That's the place where my bus stopped.

I started my journey at 4pm and reached Taiping about 7something. :) I love Taiping. I miss Taiping food so much. :D The best part was to spend more time with my loved ones. :D I miss my sister so much and of course my parents and my dearest aunt. hehhe... Having my study week in Taiping was the best. I could sleep whenever and wherever i want. From living room to my sister's room and in the kitchen as well. hahhaa... Daddy complained for bringing that Sony bag. :( He insisted me on using the trolley luggage which is freaking BIG! I was only in Taiping for a week. So no point bringing that. Plus i'm going back to KL by bus. So HELL NO WAY!!! :b

My aunt cooked my favourite dishes that day. I finished all of them though they were in big portions. What to do!!!?? I didnt eat that for centuries already. :))))) I'm happy to be back cause: -

1. I can act abnormal with my sister. haha.
2. Had jokes and shared them together.
3. Can exercise. :DDDD
4. Squeeze together with sister in her bed.
5. Have pillow talks every night.
6. Can go for breakfast with my family every morning.
7. Can go to morning market with mum.
8. Can go to mummy's office. I spend most of my time doing revision that week. Haih.
9. Have my favourite Pu-Er every night. =)
and the list goes on and on. Heehe..

P/s: More updates on my study week in Taiping are coming real soon! =D


  1. well well..dad meant u shud not bring back sony bag..
    as in big sony bag..not asking u to bring the trolley bag..=.=

  2. adui...he did asked me to bring trolley bag... hahaa...u dunno anything... keep quiet!! :X hahhaa


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