Gadget to be Grabbed of The Month. :)

I'm gonna grab one of this in this MONTH. No matter how!!! And i'm happy that my daddy willing to sponsor me. Whee. Provided the price is reasonable. :)))))))

DSC-T700 (i love the colour and design. *drool*)


DSC-T70 (should i get this? cos my notebook is white. heehee.)


DSC-T500 ( i love red. :D)


DSC-T90 ( i love black also)

Too many models to choose from. zzz. Which one would be better? I wonder. I love all the designs. *dilemma* Hopefully i will get either one. It doesnt matter whether i will have the 10.1mp, 8.1mp or 12.1mp as long it can function well. And most importantly, I can take clear and nice pictures from it. :DDDDD

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