18th & 19th october

18th october - nothing much to describe. woke up early and went jogging alone. wanted to train my stamina. jogged rather fast at first. before the entrance of the zoo, i started to pant. i tried to slow down. did a pretty good job. m proud of myself. :) stopped at the lily pond. walked for awhile before went back. somehow, met a friend of mine on the way. she wanted to continue jogging but our conversation made her stopped from doing so.. ops.. sorry ya.. we chatted till about 8.45am. then, we called it off cause she had to rush back to get home as lake garden was peaceful after 8.30am. then, i rode my bike back and reached home. went to take a bath. my mum told me she was not going to work today. i was happy. :D after few minutes later, mum told me that she wanted to work.sobs. never mind.i will just follow her. at least i had things to do. not just sitting at home rotting..ahaha...hmm...accompanied mum to office.watched her work. and i listened to music. suddenly i fell asleep. my sister went for tuition already. or else i wont be that bored. hmm..we waited for my sis to come back to have our lunch. oh ya..before we reached the office a couple hours ago, we already had mcd as our lunch..ehehe... hmm..went to casual market to have our dessert. we had leng chee kang. sis had laksa and curry mee for lunch. my mummy and i shared with her as well. meanwhile waiting for the rain to stop, we chatted like nobody's business. talked nonstop hoping that the rain will stop as we only brought one tiny umbrella which could only fit one person. ahahha... after the rain had finally stopped, we quickly ran over to get our car. then, we headed home. :) hoping to go lake garden to jog. but it was raining very heavily. so my plan was cancelled. sob. :( i slept early that night. =)

19th october - i went jogging. my sis followed me. she went with her friend. after finished jogging, i waited for her for half an hour..haha..nevermind..since i had nothing to do, i just listened to music and did some stretching on my own. then, we went home. mum told us to go to market to do some shopping.. ahaha.. then, we had our breakfast. we bought alot of fruits. oh ya, before i went to market, my mum offered me to drink enzyme.. eww..very sour... then, we headed home. had fruits. after that, we went to office again. mum wanted to work again. as usual, my sis had tuition class to attend. so my mum wil ltake the time to work while waiting for her to finish her class. then, we went to popular to buy her stationaries. we went to watson as well.bought alot of tit bits.. ehehe.. then, we had our lunch at yu li with dad at 4.00pm. wow, lunch at 4pm? amazing huh?? ehehe.. then, my mum wanted to go to tesco to buy some food. bought alot of things. then we went home. we didnt drop by at tpg sentral cause there was nothing to shop. ehehe.. we went home. :) i didnt jog that evening cause by the time we had reached home, it was already 6.15pm. too late for me to jog...we didnt had our dinner already as we were too full during our lunch hour just now.. ehhee...=)