boring? aha.. =) usual i woke up early..i went jogging alone... a lot of people were in lake garden today.. i guess there were some activities done in lake garden. today i jogged rather slow. 19minutes to reach the skating rink. damn.. i have to train it more often. :) hope my diet plan is working. im trying to reduce it to my ideal weight as all my ex-colleagues were complaining that i gained weight alot. haih. i admit it was true. for now, i have to trained it till i get my ideal weight.. ahah.. after jogging, i went back and took a bathe and headed to mum's office to 'work'. i brought along my laptop to work. ehehe.. busy watching mr with my lil sis while my mum was busy working. about 11.20am, my sis and i walked to casual market to buy our lunch since my favourite chicken rice stall didnt open. sob. had been craving for that chicken rice since i was back from kl. after buying lunch, we walked back to mummy's office. on my way i met gaikli and eeling. nice meeting them. but i got nothing to talk about. how come? haih.. im so useless. supposed i had alot fo things to talk to but how come i got no topics to talk to? damn.. i must train myself more often. aha. then sis and i continued our movie. half an hour later, my sister wanted to eat mcd ice-cream. we walked to mcd to buy our icecream. my lil sis wanted to eat nuggets as well.. i bought a large mcvalue meal for her and a cornetto mcflurry for her. before we walked back, i dropped by at tropics bakery and bought some bread for mummy and myself as well. ehe. well, i love eating bread. :D after buying bread, we walked to mummy's office. then, we had our feast at mummy's office. we enjoyed eating while watching mr. about 2pm later, we went back home. i bought my favourite blueberry cheese tart at ipoh's bakery on my way back home. about 3.15pm, i took a nap till 7pm. aha. too lazy to jog since i went jogging already this morning. that's all... :) hope tomorrow will be a great day for me.


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