beautiful day.. :)

i woke up early Saturday morning with my little sister. she planned to go to lake garden with me..i was meeting my friend and she was meeting her friend. :) after finished jogging, i waited for my sister as both of us came to lake garden together. then, we chatted awhile before we left. her friend was not joining us for breakfast. ehehe...something funny happened in lake garden. and i would think that the people who were there that morning knew what i was saying. haha.. we took a few pictures before we went back..ehehe...then, sis and i bought breakfast for mummy and aunt.after that, my sis and i went home by motorcycle. we did something stupid on the way back. ahahahaha... :P as soon as we reached home, we took a bath. we put on our casual clothes and followed our mummy to office. mummy planned to work today. i was so boring that i took a nap in the office. ahaha. later i played games in my handphone. about 3.00pm, my dad called asking us to have lunch with him. i waited for my sister before we went for lunch cause my sister was having her tuition. then we had mee rebus and ais kacang for lunch. and i shared with my sister. then, my dad sent us to popular book stores to buy graph papers and correction tapes which my sister needed them for school usage. my mummy, sis and i walked back to collect our car which was parked near mummy's office. then we headed home. :) i dint go jogging in the evening caue i predicted it might rain in the evening but it didnt (ops) haha...anyway i went jogging that morning already..

with my cute and lovely sis... :)

sweet.. :)
smile... :D