today was the 2nd day of hari raya. it was also the 49th day of my beloved grandma's death. miss her so much.. :( woke up early. i dint jog this morning as i had planned to jog in the evening. :) my dad took us for breakfast at one of kampung boyan's coffee shop. had roti telur and 'kuih kak' for breakfast. i wasnt in a good appetite. so i shared with my sister. then, we headed to sungai mas. i prayed my grandma. saw my lil nieces and nephews playing. joined in with them. aha. im still being childish. haha. after that, i went back home about lunch hour. had lunch at home. played with my laptop for awhile. updated my friendster and facebook and i even uploaded some pictures. :) took a nap till 4.45pm. went jogging alone. alot of people were in lake garden. hmm... alot of cars were on the road too. i went back and took a bath. had dinner at hawker centre. sis dint join us cause she was in her friend's house. our plan dint worked. postponed to tomorrow. sob. hope it will work. :) fetched my sis back home. went home and helped mum with housework. that's all for today. :)