we planned to go jogging. however we were worried that it might rain. so we decided to drive instead of riding bike. too bad it dint rain. aha. we dropped by at photo shop and developed her school pictures. then, we dropped by at photocopy's shop to photocopy her school stuffs as well. after that, we headed to lake garden. nobody was in lake garden. how come? it dint rain. the sky was rather dark only. my sis and i prayed hard that it wouldnt rain as we wanted to go jogging badly. as usual when i jogged with her, i will talk nonstop and make her start laughing.. of course she will stop jogging since she couldnt stop laughing.. ahaha..naughty lil girl of mine... after finished jogging, we walked back. met her friend on our way back. thank god that it dint rain. im glad that we were able to sweat.. ehehe... :D my sis is going to be a stick soon.. ahaha...i think she know what i mean..always relax yourself okay? remember to find me when you need me. i will be crazy with you together...ahaha... :D muaxxxxxxieeeee