thoughtless.. :(

what would u do when someone who is close with u break your heart? for sure u will feel upset and cry right? the same thing goes to me.. i feel upset, depressed and my life is totally meaningless. it is all in a mess right now... damn.. why would this happen to me when im back in taiping with my family? no friends were there to support me.. all were just showing off among each other and not wanting to share or lend me their ears to listen to my problems... why??!! why!!?? why!!!?? things arent the same right now.. some were busy with boyfriends and some were just comparing with each other.. can i just find a true friend that is always beside me to support me and listens to my problems all the time? you are NUTS i would said. FAKERS everywhere. no true friends exist in this world alright? just face the reality!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just hate to be in this world anywhere... im too tired to face any obstacles in my life...please let me go!!!~~~ :(