happiness & sadness?

i slept very late yesterday. couldnt sleep early cause i took afternoon nap. played with my sis before we slept. i planned to wake up early this morning cause my friend had promised me to have breakfast together. initially, i planned to called another friend of mine for breakfast but she didnt reply my sms. then, i will just have to forget about it then. i woke up at 7.55am and gotta ready to have my breakfast. suddenly my friend told me that it was too early. haih. then i called it off cause i duwan to have my breakfast at such late in the morning. then i continued sleeping till 9am. my sis woke me up cause my mum was going out to meet her friend in her office. i quickly took a bathe and got myself ready. after meeting my mummy's friend, three of us went for breakfast at prima coffee shop. we had wantan mee for breakfast. :) spotted an american lil boy having breakfast too. damn..he was just so cute and chubby. ehe. :) then, my mummy send us to tesco to get our groceries. we managed to get a parking space. whee.. then, we walked up using escalator and suddenly my mummy suggested us to go to taiping sentral first. she didnt go there for weeks. there were new shops in the mall. we walked down from tesco and walked over to the mall. i greeted kak izma and chatted with her. then i waved to shihui before went to the first floor. chatted with zian when my mummy went to the shop where i worked for one day only. aha. :P i wouldnt want to step into that shop again. never!! ahha.. then, we walked to tesco to get our things. my sis and i were playing with the things displayed over there. ahah. never knew we are that childish huh? aha. after grabbing our stuffs, we queued up to pay our things. later, we passed by a optical shop and i waved to siew wen. then, we walked down using escalator and walked to our parking space and headed home. oh ya. my sis had to attend her tuition class. before we dropped her at the tuition centre, we went to guardian to buy my lotion and masks. after that, my sis crossed the road to go for her tuition class. (just a walking distance only) :) then my mummy and i went home. nothing much to do at home. so i listened to musics while waiting to pick my sister up from the tuition centre. about 3.02pm, i drove the car out and fetched her back. later i took a half an hour nap before going to jog. today i jogged rather slow. only 16minutes per round. damn.. gotta train myself more often. haih. and why would my cough and flu havent recover? *sigh* if not, i would can run faster without nose blocking and having breathing problem due to the cough. damn. went back hgome right after i finished my jogging. took a bathe and put on my pyjamas.aha. i quickly had my dinner before 8pm. :) that's all for today. :)

took a pic before we went to bed.. ahaha...

p/s: i noticed everyone dont care about me anymore.. rather upset.. got lotsa problems nowadays. and nobody tend to hear out my problems at all. how come? i guess something is going wrong in my life. i hate it and i hate myself!!???!!!


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