something is not right

i hate such feeling...why would this thing happen to me? why???!!!!! ohh good..nobody unds me well.. i hate that....i try to overcome it..but i cant...i wish i can change everything back to really sad...i couldnt sleep yesterday till 6.20am.. when i woke up, it was already 9.35am.. i brushed up my teeth and went down to have my breakfast. hmm... then, i went surfing the net.. downloading movies and tvb series. waited for my sis to come back from volleyball..chatted with her.. :) miss her even for few hours.. ehehe...sister's bond will never die.. =) i love her so much.. i took a nap from 2something till 4.50pm. got up and changed my outfit.. wanted to have a walk with my little sis.. wore orange school tee (tun teja's tee) to lake garden..just go for a walk..chatted nonstop..crazy again..ahaha..on my way back, met lil girl's fren..walked together.. as soon as i reached skating rink, met seong ho and wei wen.. chatted with wei wen awhile.. then went back. :) took a bathe and wanted to go out with wc,kc,nerd, and meow...wc fetched me to tpg sentral.. met swee ling.. :) then, met chen way and eelaine.. :) waited for shihui...then wc fetched me back..thanks dude.. :) thanks for the night..miss all of you...


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