27th oct

27th oct- since it is a public holiday, i had to turn one big round to park my bike. after jogging, i went to petrol station as my bike is running out of petrol. then i rode to pokok assam to take things from my aunt. as soon as i just back from aunt's house, my mum asked me to go to market with her. then i reached home and did some cleaning and helped aunt with cooking. :) since i had finished the work that were assigned by my mummy and aunt, i went to take a two hours nap. its nice to sleep in living room especially sleeping on the round chair.. after i woke up, i had my lunch. later i went for a walk in lake garden with mum n sis. before we went back, we bought bread and some 'kuih-s' for tomorrow's breakfast. hoping tomorrow will be a better day for me. i wish the weather is as beautiful as today. hoping to jog in the evening tomorrow as my sis plans to go with me in the morning. gosh!! better stop myself from eating. or else i will get FAT!!! aha