26th oct

26th oct- nothing much to do...as usual i went jogging. went for breakfast with mum and sis. after that, three of us went to the office. mum planned to work during weekends. my mummy got loads of office work to do. i listened to music as usual while sis was busy studying her biology reference book. later on, her friend came and three of us walked to tuition centre together. initially, i planned to visit my 'friend'..aha. we chatted alot. he is funny as well. i waited for my sis to end her bm class. then two of us walked to kfc to buy our lunch before walking back to office. :) about 4pm later, my mummy bought her lunch and my aunt's as well. we bought alot of fruits. ehhe...my favourite - banana... i drove home and had our fruit feast..since the weather is still hot, we lied flat on the floor and about 5.30pm later, sis n i changed our clothes to go for jogging.initially we only jogged a lil while cause we just had alot of fruits and our lunch as well. sis and i rested on the grass where the golf ball lies and chit chatted. =) then, sis walked to find her friends while i went to talk to my friends. =) about 7pm, we went home. i took a bathe and went for dinner about 8.30pm. i slept about 10.50pm that night..