25th october

nice day for me. i woke up early to go jogging.. a friend of mine couldnt wake up. so i had to jog alone. aha. as soon as i had finished jogging, i went back home. i went back and crapped with my sister. all of a sudden, my sister wanted to eat chocolate. we went out for breakfast and after our breakfast, we headed to supermarket to buy chocolate for sis. while waiting for the telekom technician to arrive at our house, i was busy watching tv. after fixing the internet problem, i drove out to collect things. then, i reached home. half an hour later, i fetched my sister to tuition centre. =) in the evening, the weather was nice. it's been days that tpg had rained nonstop. hmm..im happy that i can jog again. :D but this time, i just went for a walk with my sister. there were too many people in the lake garden. definitely it was hard for us to jog around the lake garden. before we went back, i dropped at hawker centre to buy my favourite-soya beancurd.. whee.... then i rode home.. on our way back, again we did something stupid.aha.. (u know i know) hmm...about 7smth, we went for dinner. after dinner, i surfed the net awhile and continued watching chinese drama series. im going to sleep after this. =) ehe