nah..from the moment i found out the truth, i dont trust friends anymore.. friends dont really be there to listen to your problems. (im very sure). some were just pretending to be your closest person. where are all your friends when you need them the most? no where!! just a few sentences saying that 'aiya, nothing wan. dun think so much ok?'. that's all?? nothing much to elaborate already?? what?? this is what u call friends?? nah too tired to hear all these sentences already. i thought friends are there to support you even though they are so far away from us. maybe for me, at least when i send them sms-es, they will reply to show that they are concerned for me. i know maybe they are too busy with exams and assignments. but just an sms saying that 'sorry babe,im rather busy with my assignments now..i cant talk much with you right now..maybe you just sms me ok?i will try to spare some time for you. :)' not that kind of sentences that im used to hear till my ears feel irritating. AND please never trust your friends again once they had betrayed you before. knowing they had betrayed you before and and you think they had just made a tiny silly mistake, i would like to say dont ever forgive them even though they apologised to you and saying that they were just being careless for betraying you accidentally. they can betray you for the second and even third time though they treat u as their 'closest' friend. PLEASE do not take things easily. be more careful when looking for friends. some friends are just using you as a toy to attract people's attention. some even also take things for granted. do not take it so seriously when you ask your closest friends to keep your things secretly.. once you tell a secret to your friend, it wont be a secret anymore.. normally they will say 'i will promise you not to tell anyone'..ahah..would you just believe her that she wont tell anyone?? they might just give you empty promises and perhaps they will spread it to everyone. as the saying goes, ' dont judge a book by its cover'. this phrase is really true!! so dont ever think your closest friends are your real closest friends. you know humans are good at pretending and acting.

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