6th of october.... :)

this morning i woke up about 8.35am. i had planned with shihui to go to our ex school at 10am at first. yesterday night she sms-ed me telling me that the time was brought forward to 9am. but i slept early. so i dint get to reply her sms. sorry ya.. too tired too reply u this morning.aha. luckily i managed to reply her before our meeting. :) i quickly got up and got ready to school. i waited for her till 9.30am in my living room cause i didnt want to wait alone outside the school compound. furthermore, i was riding bike to school. pretty dangerous. [as if] haha. as soon as i reached the school, we went to look for mr ong. shihui wanted to ask sir for opinions. the nwe walked to the library to find madam lee. miss her so much. miss talking to her. aha. we chatted about our friends and her daughters as well. aha. just miss teacher alot. :) about 11am, we went back. i told shihui that i wanted to go the bank before i went back home. she wanted to follow me as well cause she wanted to get lunch at the nearby coffee shop. i bought myself a packet of chicken rice in prima. :) it is the cheapest chicken rice in taipnig town so far.. ehe. then, both of us went back cause she needed to prepare to work. :) nothing much to do at home. i went surfing the net. uploading the tvb series to watch. but the connection was rather slow. then, i thought i could pass my time by listening to music and blogging while waiting for sis to come back. i just felt bored at home .. *sigh* about 2.50pm, my sister reached home. it was raining heavily. hmm..luckily she managed to reach home safely. she always make me worried about her although she is already 17. aha. what cna i do? my lil gal wert.. =) she looked down. i asked her why but she didnt want to answer me. instead she put her bag on the chair and went to bathe. finally, i confronted her. now i knew why was she feeling so down. i tried to make her laugh and i did it. whee. she told me everything. then, i fried some french fries for her to make her happy and forgot about everything happened in school today. just want her to be happy always. i didnt want to make her feel so stressful all the time. then, we chatted for a moment and i let her studied awhile. later both of us took half an hour nap before we wanted to go jogging. the rain seemed to stop. then, we changed our outfit and i drove to lake garden. all of a sudden, the rain was heavy. oh gawd.. our plan was ruined.sob. we went for dinner instead. aha. we had porridge for dinner. and we bought fried bihun for mummy and daddy. we even bought soya bean drink and soya beancurd as our dessert. :) then we headed home. nothing much to do. as usual, i will help my mum to do some housework. :)