as usual i woke up early.. met a friend of mine... wakaka... both of us go for a walk while chatting... its fun chatting with him since we dint spend our time chatting together since i left for kl to study.. :( i will start crapping with him again.. aahaha...we crapped nonstop. we chatted almost everything... keep arguing among each other..ahahaa...just nice to have him as my friend.. then he fetched me for breakfast. we had 'chee cheong fan' for our breakfast.. ehehehe...after breakfast, he dropped me at lake garden to collect my bike..ehehe...when i reached home, i cleaned and washed my shoes.. then, rested awhile on a chair and surfed the net awhile. and now im blogging.., ehehe...i hope this evening i can jog cause i dint jog since yesterday. :( must start to keep myself fit!! or else my sis will say im fatty girl... ehehee