sisters' day out

ahaha...i had a blast today.. enjoyed myself very much. dint go out this morning. cause i was lazy. aha.. went out for a movie with my lil sis after the rain stopped. dad gave us some money to watch movie... whee... alot of cars on the road.. i parked my car in tesco parking lot and walked over to taiping sentral. went to find shihui, c2o and zian awhile before buying our movie tickets. :) jamie and i planned to watch connected since both of us havent watch it yet. since our movie started at 4.10pm. v still have an hour for us to have our lunch. we walked to sushi king and had our lunch. :) i wouldnt want to mention what was happened when we were having sushi-s. only my sis and i knew about it. aha. =) we quickly walked up to the cinema and waited for more than half an hour before we got to get into the cinema. the movie was aired 10minutes ago. damn. we had missed the first 10 minutes of the movie. what kind of service huh? not punctual at all. i even opened my bag and let the worker to check first as we were late. but he asked us to wait for few more minutes. wasted a few more minutes again. haih. sis and i quickly went into the room and hurriedly looked up for our seats. i couldnt believe that the seats were hard and uncomfortable. i was having headache when the movie was aired. i was shivering as it was too cold. luckily i brought my jacket along and quickly wore it. my sis and i quickly walked out as soon as the movie had ended. we walked to find zian. spotted shihui was there too.. chatted awhile before walked over to tesco to buy something. we went back after this. :)


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