a day in hell

21st october 2008 is like a hell to me..all of a sudden i received a bad news which i cant accept at all.. why is the world so unfair to me???!!! fine!! i had been gone through such life and what is this to me?? small matter right?? i will just have forget used to it...oh gosh!!! now i knew my life isn't easy.. why do i exist in this world? why??!! can anybody tell me why??!!!! i feel im useless...just geetting sick of myself from day to day... wish can find a good solution to endure the hardship that i have been through.. god please tell me what am i suppose to do??????? =(


  1. Hey gal..ur life is not bad and mess..and u'r not uselss..it just luck was not on ur side. but it has came back to u finally..and i'll pray hard for u wn k? =) ehe..take good caree..


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