can i fly?

how i wish i have the wings to fly...wondering when will i be able to free from problems.. seriously im not happy with the life right now. that's not the life i want after all.. just wish that time will change my life back to normal where i am free from problems and obstacles. but i know it wont grant my wish cause it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! i hate it but i have to go on with it. *sigh* please tell me what should i do??? just forget about it and treat it as nothing happen? i dont think so i can make it.. =( how come others can enjoy the life and live happily after all? and they are free from problems?? i know they will say no matter your are sad or happy, you still have to go on with your life... and for sure i will tell you that this thing wont change till i put out my last breath... im very SURE!! darn.... just wish i didnt come back..


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