24th oct

today was a boring day for me. i was busy watching chinese series as i was having problems with internet connection at my home. damn. i had nothing to do. so i had to lie on the couch doing nothing. what a boring day for me.. :( i was hoping my time will pass fast as im bored at home..hoping to go jogging. but it was raining.sob. never mind. then, i took 5mins nap. after that, i enjoyed listening to music while lying on sofa. nice and comfortable. it's been a month im in tpg. how time flies. :( later at night, i was waiting for my mum to bring back dinner for my sis and i. i wasnt hungry. but the malay food tempted me a lot.. since i didnt had them for alm0st a year.later i went to prima cafe with a friend of mine. my purpose of going there was to surf net. =) i enjoyed myself a lot. =)