Another New Hope

I shall begin it with new hope and beginning. Hopefully everything will turn out well as i wish to. I'm not gonna let any of you feel disappointed in me. And this is a PROMISE from me. =)

I'm delighted to hear great news from my girl. Just to let you know that i feel proud of you. Forever and always. =) Just try your best alright? Love you. *hugs*

My day ended pretty good today. Had long lectures the whole day. I was freaking tired but i'm contented with it. Nothing much to blog today cause i'm not in the mood of blogging a long post. Sorry. Wanna chao. Got to continue doing my revision. Bubye.

Things to be done for these coming weeks ------>
Two lab reports. Zzzz.
Two thermo quiz
One intro quiz
Maths midterm. Zzzz. *scared*
Revisions. *cry*

GOTTA GO. Have a nice day. =)