I woke up rather early today. (it's early for me cause i slept quite late). Normal la. Did some revision while waiting for dad's friend, Uncle Ong to come. He would be coming over to pass the stuffs to me which was assigned by my daddy and mummy. THANKS A MILLION!! Supposingly, i had promised yin to go out with her but due to uncle Ong would come over to pass me the things, our plan had cancelled. :( While waiting, i listened to musics while was doing my revision. Finally, i just realised that time flied rather fast. It was already Week 11 and 3 more weeks to go, I will be facing my finals and that's the end of my semester 2 in year 1. And i will be getting older and older soon. :'(

About 11.20am, i hurriedly walked to the LRT station to meet up with Uncle Ong. Uncle didnt come. Instead, his son came and passed the things to me. Hooray!! Finally i got my new spectacles. Whee. It is in pink in colour. Zzzz.. haha. I put on it and noticed that i looked ugly in it. I let out a sigh of dissatisfaction. Why??? Before that, i looked nice in it and how come it turned out to be like this right now?

Awww.. Never mind. I bet i wouldn't be wearing to university at all. Haha. But seriously i love the design of it. Cool and nice. Check this out -------->

introducing new spectacles. :)

the front.

the sides of my spectacles. cool right?

wearing new specs. ugly right? haha.

another picture. haha.


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