Birthday Celebration.

Again, we had another big birthday celebration. But it was for my neighbour, Mr Kenji. We celebrated at McD with tonnes of his friends celebrating for him. Only 5 girls went out of 20 people. haha. And i am the oldest of all. Zzzz.. I shouldnt have go cause i dont know most of his friends. haih. And sorry for not being friendly. :(

Ah kong planned to make some surprises for the birthday boy. And i guessed he wouldnt know that we could make such surprise. :P I only had McFlurry Cornetto in McD. Craving for McFlurry Cornetto for quite sometimes. And surprisingly, I didn't eat the fast food ler. And too bad my McFlurry wasnt taste nice at all. :( It melted so FAST! Zzzzz...

Sorry guys. I'm too lazy to write a long post. So do excuse me for making it short and simple. And seriously speaking, Ah kong's action made me salute him on that day. He just took the whole piece of cake and smashed it right onto birthday boy's face without letting him to have the chance to be alert to the surroundings. haha. The birthday boy couldnt see at all. His friends were busy cleaning the cake on his face. And the blueberry sticked on his face and was rather sticky. Eww. By the way, the cake couldnt be eaten anyway. It was bought to fool the birthday boy.

After the birthday 'surprises' were over, there went the photos session. I didnt take much photos. Cause i'm the oldest among all. *shy* And i dont even know a single one (except for my housemates and coursemates and roomie. :) ) So sorry for not being the friendly type. I couldnt get used to it yet. But thanks for counting me in. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! :)

Pictures of the DAy -------->

my roomie. :)

eugene, my housemate. :)

birthday boy (kheng zie aka kenji), huei and i.

huei and i.

cute sien and i. :P

wei chyi, my housemate from the same hometown and same school. :P

Last but not least, the group picture we had taken. (without ken and ah kong.)

a bunch of Utarians in McD. :)

For your information, they even took videos of the funny moments. But it wasnt with me. Sorry. Couldnt upload here and let you guys watch them. :)


  1. Thank you Thank you.. Luckily u didn upload the video..hahahaha

  2. lol...i wish to upload. but its not with me.. haha


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