Should I or Should I Not?

I'm not sure about it. But should I or should I not? I don't even know what I want right now. Minds are everywhere and are not at the right place. Two choices to choose from- move on or pretend? hmm. I wonder.

For the past few days, i just realised that the life is beyond our expectation. We will never expect what might happen in future at all. And our real life is the reality. It's the fact that we couldn't afford to avoid after all. All you can do is to accept it and learn to give and take.

Right now, I'm trying my best now not to let my parents down. I'm working extra hard on it. And i believe in myself that I can do it!!!! =)


  1. Of cause you can do it bcoz u are janice yeap..

  2. haha.. just because im janice yeap? lol. i dont think so. haha. but anyway thanks for making me happy. :) i also believe i can do it too.


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