Luncheon. :)

After the Fluid Mechanics lecture in university today, Ah Kong, Fang Huei, Wei Sien, Ning Xin, Fei Perng, Wan Ling, Kai Teng, Xhen Jun, Leong Chye and I went for lunch at Xiao Long Chinese Cuisine at Genting Kelang. It's our first time here. Once you stepped into the shop, you would notice Bruce Lee was everywhere. Great wallpapers of Bruce in martial arts. Superb marvellous! I guessed the owner of the shop admires Bruce Lee a lot. Hehe. Let the pictures do the talking. Hehe.

The name of the shop. Sorry ya. I don't know how to read.

Bruce's photos

Another one.

The menu.

Can you spot Bruce Lee in the menu?

We divided ourselves into two groups. Wei Sien, Ning Xin, Fei Perng, Leong Chye and Kai Teng sat at another table. And for your information, the seats we were seating were too cosy. That made me felt like lying down and slept on the spot. Haha. :P I ordered a set lunch which was Spices Pork Slice Rice with a glass of chilled green tea and a side order for dessert- Creamy Wheat. Overall i could say the food isn't that bad only. And the price is quite reasonable too. I would rate it 5 out of 10.

Chilled Green Tea.

Spices Pork Slice Rice.

My dessert - Creamy Wheat.

XJ's Shanghai Chee Cheong Fan.

Taa Daa~~ Back to our photo-taking session. Lolx. ---->

Huei's signature pose. *peace*

Wan Ling and Huei. :)

XJ, where are you looking at? :P The camera is here.

Take one. (girls in black. haha)

Take two. :P

Wan ling and I.

Here was the bill. :P

We bought some fruits before we went back and continued our war. We will be having Mathematics for Engineering midterm test on this coming Wednesday. :'( Chaoz. And please support Earth Hour tonight at 8.30pm. Thanks a lot! =)


  1. Hello, nice blog u have. Uni life seems fun. All the best in your test! :)

  2. thanks for reading my blog. :) all the best in everything u do too. :)


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