Crazy. lol

Attended lecture at 9am today. And we reached there about 9am sharp. We thought we might the latecomers but it seemed that the class was quiet. There were even more people came later than us. haha. And today was my first time wearing skirt to university. All the while i don't wear them cause i need to use my legs to run and catch up for bus. hehe. And today my roomie fetched me to university. So i took this opportunity to wear skirt. I guessed i wasnt suitable to wear skirt after all. Mummy used to buy a lot of skirts for me when i was young. And when i was in Form 4, i started wearing jeans. Wearing less skirts cause i felt i'm more comfortable wearing jeans compare with skirts. Wearing skirt isnt a problem for me. But i think most of my friends know that i'm very rough. haha.

Alright. Back to the topic. After the Heat and Mass Transfer lecture, we stayed back in the same lecture hall since it ended half an hour early. My friends and i had our breads and biscuits in the hall. We still had two and a half more hours to go before we had our lunch. Later, we took pictures. haha. My favourite past time. :P

Pictures Of The Day ------->

sien and huei. :)

i love my tiny eyes. :P

huei and i. :)

huei's cute look. :)

my short tongue. :P

We continued our lecture till 1pm and had lunch at TBR. Went back to university and continued our classes till 6pm. :)