Well, this morning i received a big news. Never expect that could happen. (Actually i predicted already. Waiting for time to come only. :P ) Hm. Not to say it's a bad news. Just i was freaking surprised. Overall i had mixed feelings- sad and happy. How could this happen to me? Should be happy and not sad at all. hmmm...

Alright. back to what i did today. Attended two-hour lecture and waited for two hours to do experiment in lab today. And i was glad that we managed to finish up the experiment in less than an hour. haha. Keng right? Since my group was the only one who were in the lab, so you know ler. *ahem ahem* PHOTO TAKING SESSION!! Lolx.

The guys were busy doing the experiment while the girls were busy camwhoring. haha. Sorry dudes. :)

my darling, jing yin and i. :)

hui jing, my banana friend. She speaks fluent mandarin though. :)

lab mates- jing yin and hui jing and i. =)

they were busy observing. haha. sorry ya. :P

took this secretly. haha

That's all. Too lazy to blog a long post. haha. Chaoz. =)