I thought for a moment. I thought i could do it. But i couldn't. Why wouldn't i spend my time wisely? I'm running out of time. WHY?!?!?! WHY!!!??? WHY???!!!

Seriously i thought i can conquer my life. Now i knew i'm just a failure like others used to think of me. Maybe you were right! Let time decides and determines my future. But that's all i can do besides waiting? Hell no! I'm not going to wait as i'm going to do something and prove to the world that i can be like them too.

And i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna make some changes and let the world is surprised with my actions. hmm. All the best. :)

I'm feeling down and upset these days. Maybe due to a lot of assignments and chapters that needed to catch up. haih. I never experienced myself having such LOUSY lecturers at all. UNEXPECTED! Nothing can describe about how i felt at this moment. All i can do is to move on and get over it. STUDIES AND STUDIES!!! *boring*

Chaoz. :)

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