I thought for a moment. I thought i could do it. But i couldn't. Why wouldn't i spend my time wisely? I'm running out of time. WHY?!?!?! WHY!!!??? WHY???!!!

Seriously i thought i can conquer my life. Now i knew i'm just a failure like others used to think of me. Maybe you were right! Let time decides and determines my future. But that's all i can do besides waiting? Hell no! I'm not going to wait as i'm going to do something and prove to the world that i can be like them too.

And i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna make some changes and let the world is surprised with my actions. hmm. All the best. :)

I'm feeling down and upset these days. Maybe due to a lot of assignments and chapters that needed to catch up. haih. I never experienced myself having such LOUSY lecturers at all. UNEXPECTED! Nothing can describe about how i felt at this moment. All i can do is to move on and get over it. STUDIES AND STUDIES!!! *boring*

Chaoz. :)


  1. not again..assignments are part of study point getting depressed and upset over it..get used to it..dun waste time grieving about it...take the time to finish em up

  2. lol....again... ur boring...hahaah


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