superb fun. =)

No words to describe my feelings regarding yesterday and today. I was having fun at my dearest buddy's house. :D I went to her house after my Fluid Mechanics lecture on Saturday. Ying yue and her cooked for me. I'm glad to have that feelings back. Thanks. After my lunch, Ying yue gotta rush to Pudu to meet up with her sis. Both yin and i were in the room studying. ZZzzz... Left both of us only. Hmm.. I couldn't believe with my own eyes that i was studying cause both of us hadnt spend time together chitchatting and gossiping. Haha. We studied awhile and chitchatted later on. haha. Told ya right?? We couldn't resist ourselves from doing so. Lolx.

Later in the evening, both of us walked to jusco to have our dinner. Initially, we didnt want to walk to jusco but both of us were craving for KFC. hehe. When we stepped out from the apartment, it was raining. Thank god we had an umbrella with us. But only a SMALL umbrella. Poor thing! Both of us have to squeezed ourselves in one umbrella. And with that umbrella, we managed to reach jusco safely with a lil bit wet on our body. =)

We hurriedly queued up to order our food. And this slow poke was damn slow. Bad service! WE waited for quite long for our turn. DAMN. Filling up the drinks and putting the chickens on the plates SLOWLY!!! OH MY GOD! Both of us were so hungry and this slow poke was doing his things bit by bit. ISKKKK...*angry*

When it was our turn to order, we still had to wait again. HELLO!!! TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN OKAY!!!!!????? We quickly looked for places to sit and had our KFC. Whee. I was glad to have them. But QUITE FULL. AGAIN??? When will you be able to control your diet???!!! *faint* I had this habit of ordering a lot of food since i wanted to try all sorts of food. :D In the end, CANNOT FINISH!!!! I finished up everything but too full to walk. Haha. And my stomach is bulging up. SOB SOB. :(

Since both of us were too full, we walked around. Bought a lot of things though. haha. I even spotted surfer pants for my lil b. But i was afraid that she couldn't wear them cause i don't know her size. sorry!!! :( We even walked into the shoes' shop. Yin spotted a nice sandals but she was in dilemma. hmm. She didnt buy in the end. We went back about 10 something. Both of us chatted and studied awhile and slept rather late. hehe.

The next morning, i got up from bed and started studying. hm. Pretty bored while studying alone. You know what i did? Had tit bits besides studying. Or else, i would fall asleep again. Cos i hadn't have enough sleep. Haih. And thanks to my girl for sms-ing me to keep me awake. :)

I was lucky today. Yin cooked spagetti for me. It was nice. Thanks a lot girl. I appreciate it so much. Seriously i enjoyed myself.

My spagetti. :D

Things to be done in this week ----->
Maths assignment
Dynamics assignment
ICE presentation
Thermodynamics mid term test
Revisions *faint*

Gonna be insane again. SWT! :(


  1. fyi dont get insane because of will never make u insane unless u stress up urself and open ur door to insanity

  2. lol...philosophies of urs... hahaha.. :P


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