too late.

Oh god! I just found out that i had lotsa things to do. DARN. Without my friend reminded me today, i wouldnt realise how much things i have to do in these coming days. :( Sad to say i'm starting to feel lazy. NO no NO!! I couldnt be like this.  3assignments and two lab reports to be handed up, one presentation, and two midterm tests are coming on my wayyyyyyy... ARGHHHHHH!!! 

I just found out a great and surprise news from my mummy. She has to take mc starting tomorrow cause doctor diagnosed her with chikugunya fever.=( I'm so worried right now. I tried to control my tears during lecture just now. Hopefully she will be alright. I wish her get well soon. Sorry mummy that i am not by your side to take care of you. Take care ok!! i love you, mummy. :) 

And thank god that my dearest will be back to taiping. WHEEE.... Thank god she will be there to take care of mummy. You know i have been waiting for this moment. hehe. And do stay calm. love you too baby. =)

Hopefully some good and bad news could help me to neutralize my mood.