Busy. :(

hm. Sorry guys. Was busy with mid term test this morning. Freaking tired today cos i hadn't sleep for more than 12 hours already. But i just couldnt sleep at this moment. Haih. Went to jusco right after the test to have our lunch. My roomie went back to hometown leaving three of us only. hmm. Then, we walked around the place. Nothing much to do. As soon as i reached home, i did face mask and now spending some time to blog. :) 

Few days more to go and my dearest will be back webcam-ing with me. :D i'm feeling excited and nervous for her at the same time cause she will be receiving her spm results on the following day. :( good luck babe. i believe you can get what you want cause you deserve it. =) All the best girl. love you. muaxx