"Great" Day

Yesterday I woke up rather early since I slept early about 11pm. It’s been long time since I slept at such time. This was due to loads of assignments and midterm tests for the past few weeks. Hadn’t got the free time to blog too. And finally I get the opportunity to blog about what I did yesterday. J

Nothing much I can say. As usual, doing a little bit of revision since more midterm tests are coming soon. I had to prepare early or else there is only one word to describe me later on- D.I.E. About 4pm, huei, sien and I went to Sungei Wang. My main intention to go there was to get RAM for bro and i in Low Yat Plaza. He assigned me to buy RAM for our notebooks.

Three of us went there by metro bus. A tired and sleepy journey. I almost fell asleep on the bus. Lol. There was a freaky incident I ever experienced. An old man got on the bus and sat beside me. He had this pervert look and he was staring at me the whole journey of the bus. Ewww… LHe even purposely stretched his legs out to touch my legs. Grr. I felt scared and worried at that time. I didn’t have a weapon with me to protect myself. That old man made me couldn’t sleep on my way to Sungei Wang. L I had to take notice of him whether he will take advantage on me. it was the worst experience in my life.

For those girls who take metro bus all the time, please take good care. Don’t let some idiots and f***ers take advantages on you guys. J

All right, back to the topic. As soon as I reached Sungei Wang, there was an event regarding 8tv’s programme. It was called the Ultimate Power Group. I got no idea about this programme. I hadn’t been watching tv for quite sometime. Hehe. Huei’s friend was in the event. I guessed it was regarding a singing and dancing competition where the final contestants will be chosen as a  winner later on. It was just like Malaysian Idol I think? Haha. No idea about it at all. Sorry. hehe.

We hurriedly to Low Yat Plaza and searched for my RAMs. And finally I managed to get four of it.. hehe. Freaking reasonable price though. =) 

my RAM. :) 

After that we headed back to Sungei Wang and had dinner in Kim Gary. We took pictures before we had our dinner. hehe. 

Something with curry potato chicken. Couldnt recall. :P (it's FOC)

Something with abalone and prawn rice. hmm. 

my food and i. (fat face with small eyes.hehe.)

huei with hers. :)

sien with hers too. :)

I couldn’t finish up my food AGAIN!! I was freaking full. Haih. Huei and sien had coupons to redeem for free food. That was why all of us couldn’t finish up the food. Too full to walk. Zzz.. 

We walked around for awhile and went back after that. Again I took a bus back home but that time, I planned to choose single seat to sit on.  I’m not going to let such incident happened to me anymore. You stupid pervert old man!!!!! Ishhhhhhh..

As soon as I reached home, I had my ram fixed on. HOHO. Freaking happy about it. Dozed off after that. A “wonderful” day for me. 


  1. ... tat RAM u buy @ RM?? ...
    I wan to know wat price at West-Malaysia ..AT here(sarawak) cost RM88 ..

  2. beware all the way in bus...
    got time i can teach u karate as ur weapon next time..
    ops..choi,no next time!=D

  3. peiwen : lol..i dont think karate will work ler my dear...haihh...hate that... damn damn...

    eldy: hm..i bought it at rm80. :)

  4. hahah,karate not enough geng..huh,next time ur birthday i gift u a shotgun!!ok??wahaha

  5. hm.. that will be a great idea... good good!!! :D haha


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