It was freaking late right now. And you'll see what am i doing here? haha. First, i'm sleepy but i couldn't sleep. Secondly, I guessed you also know. Studying of course. =P Sparing some time to blog a little. My roomie wasn't at home as she went to our course mate's house for sleepover. Therefore, i was all alone in the room with no one talking to. Haih.

By the way, i was freaking upset with people around me didnt give good responses towards the Earth Hour. How could people like you guys don't support Earth Hour????!!!! If you guys love the Earth, you should be switching off the lights and not leaving them on! =.=""""""""" There were quite a number of people who are selfish though. I just couldn't find myself a proper reason to state my feelings at that moment. Even i urged my housemates to switch off the lights as well ok???!!!! I bet our country isn't supportive towards this event whereas countries from all over the world supported this badly and even their landmarks were cast in shadow for that particular hour to save the EArth!

Here are the pictures of Earth Hour 2009 from all around the world. Great job!! =)


Here's a view of Beijing's National Grand Theater before (top) and during the event.

Russian students stand with candles in the city centre of Vladivostok to mark the event.

The Sydney Opera House stood in shadow (bottom) after the lights were turned out.

Here, two photos of the Singapore financial district.

Beijing residents light candles to enjoy the dark.

Men wearing traditional costumes hold candles to support Earth Hour in Jakarta.

The Philippines was also one of the countries that participated in Earth Hour. Here, the Manila skyline.

Hong Kong's financial district shows (from left) the Bank of China Tower, Cheung Kong Centre, HSBC headquarters, Standard Chartered Bank, and Legislative Council before (top) and during Earth Hour.

Here's a view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline before (top) and during Earth Hour in Malaysia. Good job Malaysia! =)


  1. I even went back to kajang to switch off the light... "go gree"

  2. wow. good. that's good. but here? haih.....

  3. Nice earth hour post.. clicked on urs ads.. hhaas! pls follow me back..


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