EXtremely Bored To the MAX.

Wow. I'm bored to the max. And I had the mood to study but i fell asleep. Zzzz.. What's wrong with me?

Have more determination pleaseeeeeeee!!! I'm angry at myself now. How come i dont have any vigorous activities to be done? I wished to go out and play for once and sweat a lot. :(

When will i have the chance to go jogging or hiking? miss them so much. :(


  1. Hmm, go jogging or walk around ur campus in the evening?

  2. hhaha...if only my campus have such place to do so.. plus im going alone. i bet my parents disagree with me. haihh

  3. Hey, Remember dont go jogging alone, here is quite dangerous tho..

  4. i know. that is why i dont go jogging. but i miss jogging. :(


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