Being restless since i was back from university. Attended one hour of tutorial at 10am. Had break for two hours and continued one hour lecture. Then, WENT BACK HOME!! @.@"

Before we reached home, my roomie dropped us at wangsa to buy my so-called lunch. Was freaking hungryyyy.. hm. I bought keropok lekor ( my favorite), curry puffs and some kuihs and mango ice drink. Was busy sms-ing with my sis at that moment and she complained to daddy that i was eating unhealthy food for lunch. haha. Shouldn't have tell her what i ate at that time. lol.

As soon as i reached home, i chitchatted with my sis and mum for 20minutes. Mummy, daddy and sis were currently in Ipoh having their lunch with uncle and auntie Michael. :( I wanted to join them also. sob sob. You know lerr, going there for lunch is fun cause uncle will be taking us around to eat delicious food. :P I couldnt resist my temptation from eating delicious food. haha.

Later on, i chatted with my aunt for almost an hour. Normal la. I still wanted to talk to her. But freaking expensive. haha. Never mind. Some other time. :) I miss you so much, aunt. Take good care ya. I love you.

By the way, I had my BLACK outfits on for the past few days. I would name it- Black's Week. haha. I had black tshirts, singlets, jackets and blouses, put them on and wore them for one week. Plus i had my black nails, watch, accessories and sandals on too. :P Everything in BLACK. I just love black cause it represents my character on this week. haha.

Here were the pictures of myself with black outfit. :P (i had forgotten to take some of the black outfits. :( or else it would be perfect. haih )

smile. :D

serious smile. lol.

serious look. :D

promoting my watch ler. :P

More to come. Haih

Coming up next ---->
Maths midterm test. :( *sad*
Thermo quiz
ICE quiz

Chaoz. :P


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