blur and stupid. haha

I think this will be the most stupid thing i ever done. First i got myself ready early in the morning. Prepared everything ready and get ready to go to university. Since UTAR bus service is not available at 1pm, therefore i have to go to university an hour earlier which 12pm bus. But i was prepared to go at 11am. Sounded not logic at all right? haha.

So stupid and blur right? haha. I think my brain is too heavy to remember anything now. LOL. And today i will be having maths lecture till 7pm for replacement class due to public holiday on 9th of March.

And currently I'm in love with old songs from BLUE especially 'You Make Me Wanna' and 'Best In Me'. Freaking loving it. hehe. =)

Today, my lil girl will be enjoying herself in Genting Highlands with her bunch of NS friends. Hmm. Enjoy yourself girl. I will see you on Friday. =) Love you. Miss you. muaxx. =D


  1. haha~ BLUE's songs.. i love it too~
    i was their fans. haha...

  2. you make me wanna call u in the middle of the night...

  3. shi jia: lol...i love them... i miss their songs... haha.

    kenji: haha. you make me wanna hold you till the morning light. :P

  4. i love "u make me wanna" as well..=D


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