I'm proud to say that i'm freaking frustrated today. First of all, i woke up at 6 am to get myself ready to go to university early. First of all, i wanted to go early to do some preparation for my presentation which was going to start at 9am. And you know what happened? The lightnings starting to struck. DAMN. That's mean i couldn't go to university early since the sky was dark and I couldn't afford to walk alone to wait for bus.

Alright! After awhile, it started to rain. GOsh! What happened huh? The God was trying to make a fool with me. HAih. Never mind. I could bear with it and be patient. :D Then, i started to practise my presentation at living room and did some revision. Was going to have midterm on the same day. Zzzzzz...

About 8 am, the rain had stopped. I quickly got myself ready in formal clothes and packed my heels in the bag and was about to come out from the house to wait the bus. I planned to wear my sandals to university cause i was afraid it might be wet. I even folded my pants to prevent them from getting soaked with water. hehe.

GOd! It was drizzling. Thank god i had an umbrella with me. And freaking sad to say that my pants were wet and my sandals too. =( I hurriedly walked to the bus stop and dried up my pants and umbrella. Normally the bus will reach about 8.20am. I didn't mind waiting cause you wouldn't know when the bus will arrive. So be there EARLY lor. :)

After half an hour of waiting for the bus, the bus hadnt arrive yet. Never mind. I forgave the bus driver for being late. Maybe due to the traffic congestion. There were three to four buses from KTAR college had arrived to pick the students up and not a single UTAR bus came. Grrr...

WOi!!! Playing a fool with me is it? Last monday i waited for almost more than an hour for the UTAR bus at the bus stop. So idiotic! Why hadn't they inform about it in the website????!!!!!! At least people like me who hardly take UTAR bus to university would know about it. DAMN. Fortunately, i had to attend classes starting at 2pm last monday and i went early to do some discussion. Or else i would miss the class just like TODAY!! Almost missed the class. F***

Thank god i had my roomie to fetch me there. Pity her. Had to trouble her. Sorry ya girl. Paiseh. :( But thanks a lot. I appreciated it a lot. :) Without you, i think i would be even later to do my presentation. I rushed like a mad cow as soon as i reached university. :( Things hadnt been organised properly. I was nervous all the way. Stomach was damn hungry. :( Had my last dinner at 6 something the day before till that presentation time. =.=""""""" My hands were shaking very badly. All i did was just to present the slides by using my mouth and little little bit of hands movement. :( Sorry. I knew i did very badly today. Sorry to upset you guys.

After the presentation, it was the questions and answers session. I crapped a lot when my tutor asked my group some questions. LOLX. Sorry. I had tried my best. I think i won't be able to get good coursework marks for this subject. Sob sob. :'( After this presentation, i had to rush for maths lecture. And before my maths lecture, i had to pass some notes back to yin. Sorry to keep you waiting. And i'm little bit late for maths lecture. When i stepped into the hall, i couldn't find my friends. LOLx. Right after i sat beside ah kong, then only i realised that they were two rows away from me. So blur today. How come i couldn't see them?

Never mind. The maths lecture ended at 12pm and i was freakinggggggggggg hungryyyyyyyy!!! quick quick!! i wanted to rush to the canteen to have my lunch!!!!! And before i went to canteen to have my meal, i rushed to go to toilet first. lolx. My stomach was growling very loud. haha. Thank god nobody listened to it. :P I wanted to rush to canteen to have my lunch but .........., i think you know la. Girls wearing heels couldnt walk or run so fast. HAha. Sorry ya my stomach. BEar with it for few minutes okay? =)

After lunch, we headed to library to do some revision. And our test was going to start at 3pm perhaps? hmm. Nothing much la. Again blur blur. Couldn't get those stuffs cramped in my tiny brain. Haih. All i can do was doing tutorials. We walked to the DK hall and sat at the last row. :D

Test was on. And i did some stupid mistakes. Adui. Careless! But nothing i could do. I couldn't change the answers already. Too late to find out. :( Haih. Went back home after that. :) More to come! Bubye.. ChaoZ.

Here were the pictures that we took after the presentation. :)

ss-ing as usual. :P i couldnt smile properly due to my bad days. :(

my team members. :)

gosh. i looked fat. haha


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