Can i DIE? I wished to do so right now. I'm wondering whether i had made the right choice. Seriously i felt i will do better in other field. Somehow the interest has turned into hatred. haih. I'm pretty down these days. I wished my friend's advice will work on me. But too bad, i cant control my thinking. I'm dying to know what went wrong. Oh brain, please be back to normal!! :( I left a big space for you but why wouldn't you help me to keep them in my memory and save them? I'm afraid i will disappoint my parents a lot. Oh God, tell me what am i suppose to do?? I'm gonna be insane at any time. Please don't force me to do something which i wouldn't want to do!

A disaster would be best to describe it. I wished to turn back the time and make new choices of my own. I love this but i'm not. DAMN. I think i have to go. Wanna bang the wall anytime. Bubye. Chaoz.

P/s: Stupid stomach! Please stop giving me gastric problems! Haih. I'm pretty stressful already. Iskk iskkk...

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