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Haha. Nothing to surf about my assignments. ZZzzz... Deadline-27th February!!!! But i spotted a website regarding healthy lifestyles. And today i would like to share with all of you. =)


Your body runs 24 hours a day, ever-changing. Here's your guide to maximizing your body's power.

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Strength Training Spotlight:

Experts recommend stretching your muscles to warm them up before a workout. Stretching can prevent injury during exercise. Learn the correct and safe way to stay flexible. No exercise program is complete without stretching. Although aerobic exercises such as walking, running, hiking, biking and rollerblading all burn calories and help your cardiovascular system, don't neglect your muscles and joints!


Stretching helps you promote the health of your joints, ligaments and muscles. It improves circulation and decreases stress, and helps avoid exercise-related injuries. Stretching also has the added benefit of helping to prevent disabling osteoarthritis.

Exercise guidelines

Most people can benefit from slow, static stretches following their exercise cool-down. That's because the muscles you have used during your workout tense up from exertion and need to be coaxed back to a resting position. Stretching after most activities also helps reduce muscle soreness.

Although it's tempting to perform stretches only for the parts of the body you have just exercised (thighs and calves for walkers and runners, shoulders and arms for tennis players, for example), your entire body can benefit from a few minutes of stretching. You should perform stretches on every muscle group. This includes shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, back, lower back, hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. This will help you to release muscle tension, increase muscle flexibility and expand the range of motion of your joints. Then you'll find practically everything you do - daily household chores or sports activities - becomes easier to perform.

If it hurts, stop! The idea is to gently stretch the muscle, not to yank it into an injured state.

Some simple stretches

1. Stand facing wall arms' length away. Lean forward and place palms of hands flat against wall, slightly below shoulder height. Keep back straight, heels firmly on floor and slowly bend elbows until forehead touches wall. Tuck hips toward wall, and hold position for 20 seconds. Repeat exercise with knees slightly flexed.

2. Stand erect with feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended overhead. Reach as high as possible while keeping heels on floor, and hold for 10 counts. Flex knees slightly and bend slowly at waist, touching floor between feet with fingers. Hold for 10 counts (If you can't touch the floor, try to touch the tops of your shoes.) Repeat entire sequence two to five times.

3. Lie flat on back with legs extended and arms at sides. Lock arms around legs just below knees and pull knees to chest, raising buttocks slightly off floor. Lower buttocks and, holding knees to chest, rock from side to side.

4. Reach arms high overhead, then pull across the front of your body, one at a time.

5. Turn your head slowly to the left, return to center, then turn slowly to the right.

6. Lift knee to chest and hold.

7. Place one leg behind and keeping it straight, press heel toward the floor. Keep leg in front bent.

8. Lean against wall with one hand. Take your left foot and gently raise toward the left buttock. Repeat with other leg. Place hand behind neck between shoulders.

9. Using your other hand, gently push against your elbow to feel a stretch in your upper arm. Do the same with the other arm.

10. Place one hand between shoulders and the other across your lower back. Try to have the hands reach.

11. Regardless of the stretching exercise, gradually stretch the muscle and hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Although uncommon, over-stretching before exercise can also cause injuries. So be careful. After you exercise, stretch again to maintain flexibility and to decrease chance of soreness.

Try these simple stretches. It will help you a lot. :)


  1. Oh yes, I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition and exercising helps me a lot. I always exercise at my house as there is more ample space after I have my living room renovation.


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